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What I Listen to While Running

Have you ever met those people that can run without music? They’ll tell you that without the distraction of music in your ears, you can focus on your cadence and your breathing and listen to the nature around you. My wife is one of these people. I am not.

I love music. Always have, always will. And I love crafting the perfect playlists. I have my easy listening playlist to play early on Saturday mornings while I sip my coffee. I have my playlist of the country music I grew up on for road trips upstate. There’s the list for when I’m reading or having trouble falling asleep that contains the perfect blend of Beethoven, Zimmer, and The Piano Guys.

And of course there are the running playlists. I used to just have one general workout playlist but now that I’m training for a marathon and running/working out much more than I ever have before, that playlist has been getting a bit too repetitive. So I’ve crafted some new ones.

A lot of people have been asking me what I listen to on my runs so I decided I’d share the lists out. Just a note: I usually listen to them on shuffle. Another note: As a general rule, I tend to not listen to anything newer than 1990. So if modern Top 40 is your jam, you may want to keep moving. 

Here are the two running playlists that have been on heavy rotation the last few weeks:

Retro Run Tunes

Originally crafted for a Retro Run I did a few weekends ago. It’s a bit of a quicker list which was perfect for a quick 4 miles through Central Park, but when Aspasia and I tried to listen to it on our long run one Sunday night (8.5 miles), we found it nearly impossible to keep a steady pace. You’ve been warned. 

August 2018 Running

A few crossovers from the Retro Run Tunes list but for this one I tried to keep it a bit more mellow so I didn’t burn out too quickly on the long runs.

I’m also working on a 90s running list and a 2000s running list so stay tuned! 

Have a favorite running song? Please share them below!

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