A Day at the Beach in Marathon

Sunday. September 6, 2015. 

We made it to Athens! At first glance, Athens is a mix of India (crowded, dated buildings with balconies), Italy (brick roads with outdoor cafes), with a touch of Mexico (some dry spots and tiki bars on the beach). Not that I've ever been to any of those places either, just what I imagine them to be like. It's a beautiful blend. Unlike anything I've ever experienced.

We've rented a cute little studio apartment on Airbnb a few blocks behind the Acropolis. Amazing location, but slightly too small for anything more than sleeping and showering. Which is fine—we're in Greece man! Usually we're pretty early risers: sleeping in for us means getting up at 8:30am. Today we (somewhat accidentally) slept until 1:30! Then we spent the whole day/night at the beach with A's friends and family. They all told me this beach is nothing yet compared to what we will experience on the islands. Honestly, at this point anywhere that's not New Jersey or New York I will find amazing.

"But there's no's a  dry  heat..."

"But there's no's a dry heat..."