September 5, 2015

Saturday, 2:54 PM CEST

We’re sitting in the Stockholm airport waiting for our flight to Athens. A is bringing me home to show me her country and I am so excited! We’re both a little dead right now after our red eye from New York. We slept for a few hours on the plane and used the rest of the time to catch up on movies—A: Horrible Bosses, B: Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Obviously we like to stay super current. 

Sweden’s an interesting place. And shockingly expensive! It took us a bit to figure out they use the Krona here, which after Googling we discovered is equal to $.12 USD. Sounds cheap enough until the least expensive thing on the menu at the airport’s Irish pub (with only American sports memorabilia) is an appetizer for 200SEK. So we shared the chicken quesadilla. Why we thought this would be a decent option in one of the furthest points from Mexico is beyond me. 

There were two chatty Americans (I think?) sitting behind us at the gate, but now they've wandered off to the coffee shop to get tattoos in the back. I wonder if they're done by the same Swedish hipster barista that's manning the front. We have left Brooklyn, right?