I'm currently away from the office with limited email and mobile access.

My Out of Office is officially up. The subject line reads: “Unplugged Exploring Greek Islands.” In 48 hours, we are flying to Greece and spending 16 days on four different islands. I’m finally making it to Europe! And most importantly, seeing where my A grew up. 

Instead of Instagramming and Facebooking the whole time, I want to have more to remember this experience by.  I’m the type of person that much prefers to have my camera hanging off my shoulder instead of in my pocket. Unlike when I’m in New York, when I travel I need more than 140 characters and often get old school with pen and paper. I have journals on my shelves from a month in Australia, summer weeks in California, and an epic drive across the US. But the European adventures are just beginning. Throw your email address in the field below and see more of Greece than just a Santorini sunset. 

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