Progress: 31 Weeks To Go

New Gear: Running Belt

Running with Diabetes means I also have to run with a lot of extra equipment. We haven't quite made it to the point where we need to start worrying about carrying everything just yet, but I've noticed a significant drop in my blood sugars in any run longer than 2 miles, so I know it's coming.

The other night we went to the gym to hit the treadmills because despite it being spring, it was still too cold for my less than stellar immune system to run outside. The goal was 2 miles. Everyone keeps telling me that it's just a mental thing, that my body only wants to stop and quit because mentally, I don't want to keep going. But at mile 1.6 my legs started to feel weak and I knew I had to stop. I stumbled to the locker room, discretely pricked my finger and pushed out some blood. 61. A mile and a half on a treadmill at a 10:30 pace and I had to quit. I choked down 5 glucose tablets quick and went home frustrated. I'm hoping that my body is still just adjusting and can make it a little longer without needing a boost eventually. 

So instead of quitting, we ordered a couple of these belts off of Amazon so we can double up and divide the luggage. It seems to fit my tester, something in case I get low, possibly my pump on very long runs, and maybe even an emergency syringe of glucagon if I can't calm the girlfriend down enough. 

Stats And Music:

One week later, and I'm able to push myself a mile further and drop my pace a decent amount. I'm still not running longer than a mile without cramping up and having to stop, but my muscles are still building their foundations. I've also started doing this weird sprint thing right before I hit mile 2. I think I might secretly be a sprinter. After we've been running for about 1.75, I get this surge of energy and take off. Aspasia likes to yell at me when this happens, telling me right now I need to focus on distance and not speed. I know she's absolutely right. But these moments I sprint I actually feel that runner's high. I know I'm truly pushing myself to run as fast I possibly can for a quarter mile (6:45 pace yesterday) and I feel amazing. I can hear my feet hit the pavement, my heart beating, faster, faster. Then I quit. I know I know. Distance, not speed.

This week's musical push is a bit of a throwback: Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out for a Hero. I'm working on crafting the perfect list for the marathon. Right now it consists of Eminem, Get Ready for This (I LOVE Job Jams), and Bonnie Tyler. Nothing like keeping it eclectic.