Bucket Lists Are Dumb

Remember that dumb list I started a few years back? 3o Things to Do Before My 30th Birthday? A bucket list of skills to acquire and challenges to put myself and my body through? Sure it sounded great at the time. Already an outdoorsy and adventurous type, half of the list would be no problem. And new skills are great! I’m sure the advertising world isn’t going to care whether or not I can toss “Know How to Milk a Cow” or “Helped to Physically Build a House” under the Additional Skills section of my resume, but my future best-seller will absolutely benefit from it.

The list:

See New York City at Christmastime? Even better: why don’t I just decide to move there? #27: check.

Rock short hair? Easy enough when you grow up hearing all of your friends tell you that you should really do something with it other than just pulling it back. #7: check. Irony here, now they all miss the ponytail. Eff y’all. My hair, my choice.

Drink from a river? Spend a night under the stars? Bathe in a lake? Those can all be checked off with one weekend of camping.

But really, this list was so dumb. 22-year-old Bridget had no idea what she was doing. Stop reading books and getting inspired girl. Of course I’m only saying this now because I have four and a half years left to complete it, and this is the year my best friend and my girlfriend have both convinced me that THIS IS THE YEAR #4 needs to be crossed off.

They signed me up for a goddamn marathon.

On November 8th. 2015.

I’m talking a TWENTY-SIX-POINT-TWO mile RUN. I have 39 weeks to teach my body how to RUN (read: walk (let’s be honest…read: crawl)) for over FOUR HOURS. Now, I like to think I’m not starting from the complete beginning. I’ve run before. I used to run around my neighborhoods in Oswego, then Liverpool, then in Brooklyn. I even ran a 5k last June through Prospect Park. But I also haven’t run since that 5k. So when the girlfriend and I finally went back to the gym this past weekend, my body was saying, “Ha! You fool! You are ABSOLUTELY back at the beginning.”

So far I’ve run two miles this week…over the span of two days. But I have 39 weeks. And my Nike Plus application’s “Coach” tells me I only need 24 weeks to train properly. Why did I put “Complete a Marathon” on the list if I seem this er, excited? about it you may ask? Because to me it is the ultimate challenge I can put my body through. It’s safe to say it’s a pretty massive challenge for even the healthiest and most in shape of us. But 22-year-old Bridget was very Go Big or Go Home. She wanted to finish a marathon with Type 1 Diabetes. And she will. November 8th. 2015.