Pros and Cons

If I had to make a list of pros and cons to convince 23–year-old Bridget to move to New York, it would look something like this:


  • You won’t make the move alone. For the next year and a half, you’ll know what it means to have a best friend, something you’ve been missing; she’ll help you to open up and to stand on your own two feet again. This will be more important than finding that dream career or perfect relationship right away.
  • New places, new faces. You’ll never go to the same place twice (unless you find those special "spots"), never see the same face twice.
  • For the first time in your adult life, you will actively date. There will be a whole new pool of potential that will make you extremely uncomfortable in the beginning but will eventually blossom into a newfound confidence.
  • Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Giants, Jets, Red Bulls, Nets: StubHub always has nosebleeds for all of the above at prices you can actually afford. 
  • When you don't feel like actually going to the games, go to the bars instead. Drink a shitty light beer. Make lots of rowdy sports fan friends.
  • Syracuse games are the best in the city. You’ll stumble upon designated 'Cuse bars where everyone will be in orange and screaming. One night you’ll sit down alone in one of these bars in Williamsburg and make small talk with the guy to your left who went to Henninger.
  • Live music. In the subway, at the bars, in restaurants, on the street.
  • You will be here just in time for late fall/CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY. You’ll cross that one off your 30 By 30 List.
  • You’ll be just a quick drive away from upstate. You’ll plan road trips back with friends and sign up for Greyhound/Amtrak Rewards and will earn enough points for free/discounted trips. These will save your life at times.
  • So many new foods to try! 
  • Free museums. Free festivals. Free concerts. Free outdoor movies.
  • New York Philharmonic. Broadway. You’ll scrounge around to make both happen—they’ll be worth it.
  • Healthier lifestyle: You will walk everywhere! You’ll join a soccer league and a gym. This will be a routine you fall in and out of. Don’t be so hard on yourself about it, but don’t take your health lightly either.
  • You can plug into Billy Joel while walking down the street and actually FEEL and SEE exactly what he's singing about. You too will “walk through Bedford Stuy alone, making it home alive, proving you may be insane.”
  • You’ll do the same with Gershwin. This one will be a little more romantic and far more cliché: resting on your lover’s shoulder on a bench while a man plays Rhapsody in Blue on a baby grand in Washington Square Park. That moment will stay with you as the moment you realize you've found "the one."


  • It's scary.
  • It'll take you a good month or two to learn the subway system. You will get confused and lost. You’ll end up going uptown when you’re trying to get back to Brooklyn, you’ll wander around underneath 14th street looking for the L. But you'll talk to other New Yorkers (who you’ll discover are actually quite friendly) and laugh. Plus, there's an app for that.
  • It will also take you a few weeks to really feel adjusted here. You’ll convince yourself that you’re a country girl at heart and that you just can’t do this. Stick it out. You can. You will.
  • It's a lot. People are everywhere and you’ll start to develop anxiety issues. But if you stay away from Times Square and Central Park, you'll be fine. Find your own little nooks to fall in love with in NYC.
  • You will feel completely alone. At night, in the morning, at lunch, at dinner. It's good for you. Get to know yourself in this "foreign" land. In a year you’ll start to enjoy those meals, cups of coffee, and mugs of beer alone.
  • You will spend a month or two drinking way too much because of said loneliness. You'll also spend way too much money on said alcohol. It's okay. Stumble home drunk without worrying about having to drive. Or flag down a cab with that buzzed NYC swag.
  • You won't have the comfort of family/friends a few miles away. It truly will feel like a blank slate at times. You will make new friends, though. Even start to build a new family.
  • Finding your dream career won’t be easy or happen over night. The jobs you do take might not be an easy fit or an easy transition. Have faith and confidence in yourself. You're so much bigger than Syracuse. I've always seen and known that. You used to know that as well. Know it again.  
  • It's scary, yes. But you won't be alone. You won't be homeless. You won't be mugged. You won’t go broke. You won't fail. You’ll start to make it here.

The pros outweigh the cons every time, young squire.