I have a slight confession, something I’ve been meaning to tell you: Darling, I have no idea how to let you make me this happy. I’ve never been one to be skeptical, but I’ve also been pricked by too many thorns lately to be so quick to trust the beauty of this rose. I swear I was once fearlessly trusting in love; unfortunately you’ve come into my life at a time when I’m cautiously optimistic at best.

Brace yourself sweetheart; I’m going to briefly let you in on a few more secrets:

First and foremost, I will find it extremely hard to give myself up to your care and attention. The simple truth is that I’m just not used to being treated so well. I might even try to run before I allow myself to fall too hard, in an effort to avoid getting hurtI won’t want you to let me get away, though. I will test the strength of this string, pulling it taut, but I won’t let it snap. You’ll have to give me a little space at times, but please pull me back.

I will often wonder what it is you could possibly see in me. My insecurities will run rampant when passersby compliment your flawless beauty, and I’ll want to pull you closer as you laugh it off. It will remind me that you are so far out of my league, but at the same time, it will make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world as I catch a glimpse of your hand intertwined with mine.

I will rest easy on Sunday afternoons with your head on my shoulder and the sounds of gypsy-like melodies filling the apartment. I will be perfectly content in these daytime moments swapping childhood stories and sipping on cappuccinos; but through the nights I will sleep restlessly wrapped in your arms, only until I’m absolutely sure they’re safe and can be trusted.

I will stumble across your perfect body, slowly taking in every inch of you, afraid of missing even the smallest bit. My fumbling will reveal my lacking years of experience, but my hesitation will prove my immense respect and adoration. I hope you meant it when you said patience was at the core of your character; you’re going to need it with me.

Lastly, I will be equal parts intimidated and refreshed by your honesty and forwardness. I’m so used to the childish games that people play, and their nonchalant nature when it comes to emotions, that your pure truthfulness catches me off guard. I won’t always know how to respond right away, but if you give me a moment to collect my thoughts, you might be pleasantly surprised; in more ways than one I hope.