Everyday "Miracles"

I’m not a religious person. I take science far too seriously and have a hard time believing in something I can’t physically see with my own two eyes. Not to mention that I have absolutely no desire to associate myself with an institution that tells me I live my life in sin. But, all my doubts and bitterness aside, sometimes witnessing those of unwavering faith can warm even this skeptic’s heart.

I was sitting on the train Saturday night when this little old woman got on at Grand Central and immediately stole my attention; one because I adore little old ladies, and two because I felt I should offer my seat. The middle-aged construction worker across from me beat me to the punch, however, so I stayed seated, front and center.

Little Old Lady shook Construction Worker’s hand and vocalized her gratitude over and over before slowly lowering her frail body onto the bench, closing her eyes with a sign of the cross, and silently saying a brief prayer. At first I thought it ridiculous. How was she so inspired by the simple act of being given a seat that she would now say a subway prayer for Construction Worker?

But when we shared a kindred smile after Little Old Lady opened her eyes and caught me reading her shopping bag, (ironically bearing the slogan: "temptation in every aisle”), I felt a connection with this woman that told me she has a few stories in her past. I’m glad she has her commonplace, everyday “miracles.”