Quick update time!


1) I’m working on vamping up this site a little bit, mostly so I can force myself to spend some time focusing on the things I enjoy and that make me happy. I redid the photo sections so that they’re now categorized by city. I’ve always loved photography, spent a pretty penny on some decent equipment a few years ago, but for some reason haven’t utilized it enough since moving to New York. The opposite of my original vision. So stay tuned for more frequently updated photographs (mostly in the New York City section because that’s where I find myself right now and am too broke to leave for a while). I believe the only way to improve my writing and photography is trial and error, to keep doing it, see what works, what doesn’t, so bear with me as I stumble along the way.

2) I tend to go big: I can’t just volunteer locally in college, I need to travel halfway around the world to do it. I can’t just visit a friend who moves, I need to drive across the country with him to help. I can’t just move out, I need to move hundreds of miles away. And each time I do “something big,” I hear from people I haven’t spoken to in years who tell me they “love following my adventures.” So I’m also working on creating a section featuring photos, videos, retroactive journal entries, etc., for each of those adventures (Australia, Cross-Country Road Trip, New York City Living). I’m getting restless just thinking about those places.

3) I mentioned briefly before about getting more involved in the LGBT community and possibly starting some kind of coming out blog/book/conversation. Well, I’ve met with my two “co-authors” twice now and am happy to say that we’re moving forward with this endeavor. Who knows if anything will come of it, but I feel good about it nonetheless. The first step is for the three of us to tell our own stories. I didn’t know where to start mine until I had two whiskeys and a heart-to-heart Monday night and have since hit the ground running. I’m actually really terrified about what came out. I mean, I’m excited, because I’m pleased with the content and the flow and the structure and all that, but It’s a lot for me to deal with and admit and talk about and I wasn’t expecting that. I want to eventually share it, but it’s hard for me right now.